Hi, I am Liviu Amarandi

Doing mighty things as Product Designer. Empowering businesses with great, understandable, engaging, human & helpful products.
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Berlingske Media

More than news

Read your news with the new Berlingske App

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GoMusic App

Google music app for iOS

iOs app that is streaming music directly from Google Play Music.

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Anytime, anywhere with anyone

Chatting with strangers app for iOS.

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Mis recetas

Food inspiration for everyone

MisRecetas is one of the biggest recipes website in Spain.

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Stay healthy & win cash!

Free cloud and mobile service that sends short messages with important health information.

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Sell More Prints

Artists place to get known

Your paintings presented to the world.

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Sofa Dodger

Find an activity near you, fast

SofaDodger is a timesaver website.
A must for active people.

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Amigo bulls

Top internet stock picks

Amigobulls is your home for internet stock analysis and information.

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Interpost Global

Postal service point in every shop

Send and receive letters and cargo through your local shops.

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De Lorelei

Local belgian restaurant

De Lorelei is the best restaurant to visit if Blankenberge.

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